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About our Web Design Firm
Website Design Toronto is division of GloXtar Inc (Web Design Firm) which has been developed and created from Global Star. We have been providing quality services to our customers for over 9 years with our company coming into existence from 2001. We here at Toronto Web Design have been extremely innovative in our ideas regarding the web development schemes and have been economically on the pockets of our employers. We have not only been innovative in our ideas but we always have planned for the betterment of the website of the employer with our mission to get the employer what he wants.

We here at Toronto Web Design have an unparalleled and unmatchable team of professional website designers and other service providers which have the experience as well as the talent to make your dreams come into reality. We are basically designed for providing our services to

Web Agencies

One of our biggest targeted markets has to be the web agencies which have seen us as the best service providers. Our company Web Design Toronto has been providing them with not only best web design services but have also provided them custom software development as well as web development and search engine optimization.

Our services truly fit the needs of all web agencies which are in dire needs of a very professional and organized company that can partner them in facilitating their clients’ needs as far as programming is concerned. We basically become partners of the web agencies and are heavily involved in most of the processes from the beginning till the end like structuring to manufacturing and from pre-sales to planning. We have produced excellent, quality and efficient results in our ventures with a number of web agencies and you should also find us truly professional, innovative and hardworking.

For all Business Corporations

Any business organization that is looking for a web development company can choose us. We have a very approachable way of working and always want the customer to feel at home. We have a very adaptable strategy which allows us to work for both the big business corporation to small and medium business centers

We have no restrictions as to which employer can hire us as we feel that there is nothing that is too big for us to work on and nothing is so small that we are too good to work on. With our different services, we can be of extreme use to the big business corporations as we can completely handle all the demands with a truly dedicated and professional team of multi-talented people varying from professional web designers to specialists in search engine optimization.

However, if a small business organization needs us then we are ready to work too with them having the choice to choose any one of our services and we can easily deploy the best possible people for their work.

We do not distinguish among our employers and always work with a sense of dedication and professionalism which sets us apart from other companies competing with us.

Our Partners

Web Development Technologies:
  • PHP 4 and PHP 5
  • MVC Frameworks
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • Flash Action scripting
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